Fragrance Direct Sale

Boots recently put the Jimmy Choo Flash 100ml perfume on sale for around £30. I tend to stick to my trusty Diesel Loverdose but decided to test the Flash and immediately loved it. Knowing it was on sale too I decided to treat myself and add a bit of variety to my life, so I rushed to buy one… but they were sold out (even online)! I was really annoyed as I’m sure you all know, when you decide you want something you just have to have it.



I googled the perfume and luckily found it was on sale somewhere else – Fragrance Direct. I’d never heard of this website before so I checked reviews etc. then added the Flash bottle to my basket. As a bargain hunter I also snatched up these full size Essie nail polishes for £2.99 each and these Fashionista (not a brand I had heard of before but apparently popular with many beauty bloggers) eyeshadows for 50p each.


Café Au Lait, Double Take Gold Rush & Brunette Bombshell (L-R)

The eyeshadows are actually super pigmented which I am really impressed with. The glitter in them did however end up all over my face. The colour stayed throughout the day. My eyes itched a lot though, probably because it’s a cheap item and I know I have sensitive eyes. After joining Tropic, I’m now all too aware of the chemicals that products like these contain. I’ll probably keep them for partys or something different but these definitely won’t become a regular.



Although I like the sale items I bought, Fragrance Direct are terrible with their colour charts and most of my items are not the colour that was shown in the chart. Luckily for me after reading the reviews I knew this and was able to choose the right products despite this. (Although a few still aren’t quite the colour they were shown in Google either).

Tropic Glambassadors!

I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to the Tropic Skincare Glambassador event yesterday and I was so excited!

The Glambassadors (or Glammies for short) were a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed and I came dressed as a fairy in a green skater dress with lace detailing, glitter all over and fairy dust necklace. The place was buzzing and it was so nice to be in such a huge room packed with people who are so excited and love their jobs! I was greeted by a centaur on stilts and a fairy threw petals on me, it was so surreal. When the event properly started the room went dark and thunder and lightning rumbled through the room before a woman began singing and dancers performed on the stage. Tropic really know how to put an event on. There were slight timing issues as lunch was about an hour longer than planned but sometimes things like this are out of our hands.


And finally… the new products were announced:

  1. Sun Safe – a sun screen £24
  2. Aftersun – a deep moisturising aftersun which can improve your tan £18
  3. Sun Drops – a gradual face tan, just add a drop to your moisturiser £22
  4. Feel Fresh – a deodorant cream £10
  5. Ocean fizz – foot fizz, now in a bottle to sprinkle easily £5
  6. Travel Essentials – Tropic miniatures with improved bottles and bag £32

My shop:

IKEA Chocolate Muffins

Whilst shopping in Ikea last week (got to love cheap flat pack furniture) I found this muffin mix in the food market. The packaging is the cutest thing ever, it is like a chunky carton of milk with dry ingredients inside. I just had to give these a go. I’m not one to shy away from a packet mix (so much easier, but yes not as good to taste).


The instructions are:

  • Heat your oven to 200°C
  • Pour 250ml in to the carton
  • Shake vigorously
  • Half fill 10-15 muffin cases
  • Bake for 15 minutes


I was a bit concerned when it said just add water, what on Earth is in there! The mixture came out a bit watery but poured easily which is good – spooning out sticky mixture is so annoying. I baked them for exactly 15 minutes, hoping for the best. I must say they look quite good once baked. I was impressed at how quick and easy the whole process was, all done in about 18 minutes – super speedy. They don’t taste amazing as you can imagine, but they are sweet and taste fairly chocolate like, better than some I have eaten in my life but nothing compared to a muffin made from scratch. So overall, 5/5 for ease and 3/5 for taste.


Sprinkle of Glitter Dungaree Dress Review

I picked up this gem in the Christmas/Boxing Day sales and was ecstatic as this range had never been on sale up to that point. So I quickly ordered the dungaree dress and cat print cami. Unfortunately, around that time I had done A LOT of online shopping and in the end I just had parcels and packages all over the house and I soon forgot about this. I was over the moon when sorting out my bedroom and I found this package as I have read a lot of reviews of the dungaree dress claiming it to be a staple piece, I was excited to put it through it’s paces!

I had a long day ahead of me so I pulled together a quick outfit:

  • Dungaree Dress from Simply Be
  • Gryffindor long sleeved jersey top from Primark
  • Black tights from Primark
  • Red fluffy boots


The material is really soft for denim and is quite stretchy too. The torso seems quite short and the skirt long – the opposite to my measurements. It does work but occasionally the waist would cut into me when I sat down and I needed to use the second buttons to shorten the straps. I love the look of the dress but I’m not sure how I would make it as versatile as others do. I think this might work better in the summer with bare legs (shock horror!). I wore Primark tights on this day of babysitting, travelling and shopping and they ripped in the afternoon :( so a quick dash to New Look for some trusty leggings sorted me out! Overall I do love the style of this dungaree dress, now just to gain confidence and work out how to make it work for me…

Becoming a Tropic Ambassador

I had a very busy January this year – exams, redecorating, working and joining a new business  (on top of everything else I am doing!).

I fell in love with Tropic about a year ago. I was introduced by Katharine, a family friend and my sister in law even hosted a Tropic hen party.

I’ve reviewed a few of their products and more reviews are in the pipeline! Here are s few:

I’ve been practicing my makeup skills for pamper sessions too.


Claire – I used green and gold eyeshadow shades to complement her eyes. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo!


Katharine – I only did the left half of her face for comparison

I used all Tropic makeup and Tropic makeup brushes and I must say they’re lovely to work with. The right materials and tools makes any job easier.

If you are interested in Tropic, you can check out my online shop: or message me :)